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Village Municipal Services
dog Control:
The Village of Le Roy does have a leash law. When your dog is off your property the dog must be on a leash not exceeding
eight feet in length. For dog complaints contact the Village Police at 768-2527. Violators are subject to fines.
Sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the property owner.
garBage piCK up:
P.S.I. will pick up at the curb, residential garbage and trash that is bagged and an official Village of Le Roy garbage tag sold
at retail outlets in the Village. Bags must not exceed 50 pounds. Furniture, appliances and oversize materials can be disposed
of by purchasing a sticker at the Village Clerk's Office. Demolition material, tires and car bodies are not included in the Vil-
lage collection program. For weekly pick up, all material must be at the curb by 6:00 a.m. on your scheduled day. If you are
missed, call 768-2527. Christmas trees will be picked up at the curb on your normal pick up day. Please do not put garbage
outside until the night before your scheduled pick up. Garbage tags may be purchased at: Tops, Crocker's Ace Hardware,
Walgreens and Woody’s.
le roy reCyCleS:
The Village and Town of Le Roy are working jointly on solutions to our solid waste crisis. One way to save precious landfill
space is to actively participate in recycling activities. A successful recycling program starts in your kitchen and back yard.
Without your support our recycling program will not work.
Grass clippings, small brush, leaves, weeds, etc. should be placed in paper yard waste bags*. 30 gallon paper yard bags are
available at Tops Friendly Market, Crocker’s Ace Hardware, and other locations. Picked up on regular garbage pick up. Sticks /
limbs not larger than 3 inch diameter and 5 foot long must be tied & bundled securely. These items will be picked up at the
curb by the Village contractor.
During the months of October and November, Village crews collect leaves raked to, or placed in proper bags on the terrace
between the sidewalk and the street. Please do not place leaves in the street as they will -
1. clog storm drains, and
2. lure children to play in these leaves causing what could be a very dangerous situation.
Glass, metal, paper and plastic are collected curb side on regular garbage collection days. Recycling boxes are available at the
Village Office for $4.00.
refuSe piCK up SChedule:
Wednesday - East Main, Main, Bank, Myrtle (East of Clay), Wolcott, Clay, Trigon, Stanley, Lincoln, Bradnell, Elm, George, Exchange,
Platt, Summit, Hilltop, Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Monroe, South, Ward, Garden, Woodward, East, Poplar, Orchard,
Union, Robbins Road, Warsaw Road, Summit St. Rd., Wilson St.
Thursday - North, Lathrop, Genesee, Genesee Park, North Ave., Erie, Maple, St. Mark's, Church,
School, Keeney, Bacon, Pleasant, Mill, Lent, Lake, West Main, Gilbert, Craigie, Munson, Myrtle
(West of Clay), Lake St. Rd.
CommerCial piCK up:
Pick ups are restricted to 6 plastic bags of garbage per establishment. Larger than the above must
be handled by a private contract with a disposal contractor.