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The “Watch Your Car” Decal Program allows participants to voluntarily register their vehicles with the Le Roy
Police Department and display a decal in their vehicle window. By displaying the decals vehicle owners convey to
police that their vehicle is not usually in use between 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. This authorizes police to stop the vehicle
during this time to assure that the vehicle is being legally operated and not possibly stolen. VIN Etching is also
available. The VIN number of the vehicle is acid etched onto each window of the vehicle making it less valuable
to a ‘chop shop’. This service is free to Village residents and vehicle owners may be eligible to receive a discount
on their auto insurance. Call today for an appointment.
Many private employers as well as governmental entities now require fingerprints be taken for employment or
licensing purposes. All Village residents may be fingerprinted at no charge. For all non-residents there is a $15.00
fee which must be paid and the receipt presented before fingerprints will be taken.
The Le Roy Police Department provides certified officers who will check car seat installations to assure they have
been installed properly. The department also offers free car seats to qualified persons as well as senior citizens. Call
today for an appointment or for more information on free seats.
The Le Roy Police Department checks properties for residents who are out of town. If you plan on being out of the
community and you would like your property checked stop in or contact the dispatch office to complete a property
check request.
Since 2003, the Le Roy Police Department has participated in the distribution of safety kits
that includes a cable-style gun locking device and safety educationmaterials, that has reminded
gun owners to properly store firearms in the home in order to prevent a loaded firearm from
falling into the hands of a child, thereby preventing tragic accidents.
Project ChildSafe partners with governors, lieutenant governors, U.S. Attorneys, mayors and
local law enforcement agencies. The program continues through 2006 to distribute millions
more free safety kits at major public events such as state fairs, sportsmen’s festivals and
community safety days. More than 36 million Project ChildSafe safety kits will have been
distributed to gun owners by the end of 2006.
Residents may come to the Village Hall and request gun locks free of charge.
Each year dozens of bicycle are recovered in the Village of Le Roy. Unfortunately all to
many bikes are unlicensed and there is no way to return the bike to its rightful owner. Vil-
lage law requires that all bicycles be licensed. The purpose of the law is to assist police in
identifying bike owners. Licenses are $1 and can be purchased at the dispatch office from
8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Handicap permit applications are available at the Village office. Completed applications must
accompany all requests for a permit (doctor’s scripts alone are not acceptable). Generally
permits are filled while you wait. If not you will be contacted when they are ready.
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